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Beitrag HARDWARE RECORDS Distro News
von NukeThePeace am Mittwoch, 17.Februar 2010 12:27

Burial - Never Give Up...Never Give In LP 10,00€
Insane burning spirit styled hardcore from germany. 12 furious songs that'll make your ears bleed. it's a top notch mix of d-beat and japanese burning spririt hardcore done superbly well. A cross between TRAGEDY and Japan's CRUDE. Features members from DOOMTOWN, BOMBENALARM and more. Yellow vinyl. - HATE REC. / LA VIDA ES UN MUS / INSTIGATE REC.

Alehammer / Tyrant - Split LP 10,00€
Alehammer continue with their blend of classic uk crust and Celtic Frost/Hellhammer worshipping, heavy as hell makes all the neocrust bands look like scared little children. Featuring Scoot/Extinction of Mankind, Karl/Impulse Manslaughter and Shrew and Shrub/Prophecy of Doom. Tyrant are from Sweden and worship the swiss gods staying more on the metal side, death/black the old way influenced by Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, Bathory, Merciless and Discharge. Featuring Peter/Meanwhile-Crypt of Kerberos-Macrodex, Bragman and Andreas/The Black-Vinterland and Daniel/Insision-Dellamorte. - AGIPUNK REC.

V.A. - Amebix Japan / Tribute To Amebix LP 10,00€
Six great japanese bands like ZOE, AGE, RAW GAUGE, EFFIGY, ACROSTIX and LIFE play great versions (2 each!) of AMEBIX classic songs showing once more how big has been the influence of Amebix on worldwide scene with the passing of the years. - AGIPUNK REC.

Crow / See You In Hell - Split 7" 4,00€
Two new songs by each band, long-time (since mid 80s already!) Tokyo’s veterans CROW playing dark and raw metal/crust, SEE YOU IN HELL from Czech Rep. playing fast hardcore/thrash with gang choruses influenced by Japanese Burning Spirits Hardcore. - INSANE SOCIETY / PHOBIA RECORDS

Warvictims - Domedagen LP 10,00€
17 new tracks from Sweden's master of D-Beat, Käng and Rå-Punk. This is pure raging D-Beat Raw Punk in the traditional Scandinavian tradition. Their best stuff down to the present day. - CRUCIFICADOS

Thurneman - Tegelsten För Tegelsten 7" 4,00€
3rd EP by this Stockholm, Sweden quartet, and it blows their other two outstanding efforts out of the water. Defying easy sub-sub-genre categorizations, Thurneman take the raw materials of straightforward 80s hardcore - blistering drums, frantic riffing, and hoarse, shouted vocals--and flesh them out with creative song structures and unique atmospheric touches. This potent combination of aggression and catchiness brings to mind early 80s classics like Hüsker Dü's Everything Falls Apart LP as well as Scandinavian rippers like Headcleaners and Missbrukarna. - SORRY STATE RECORDS

Bukkake Boys - 2nd 7" 4,00€
2nd EP by this vicious hardcore band from Atlanta, Georgia, and while the Bukkake Boys call their hometown the "City of Pop" you won't find any of that here. If you heard Bukkake Boys' self-released first EP, Splendid Thoughts, then you're already a fan. If not, prepare yourself for some of the most violent and aggressive hardcore you've heard in a long time. This one is all frantic riffs, vocals that sound like they're going to eat you alive, and one of the meanest-sounding drummers out there. 7 songs and not a second wasted. - SORRY STATE RECORDS

Dishonorable Discharge - Kept In The Dark 7" 4,00€
The follow-up 7" by this Norwegian band continues where the debut "uskyldige mennesker sulter og lider" 7" on VEX REVORDS left off. 5 Songs of raging, relentless, heavy-pounding, straight forward hardcore-punk in the scandinavian 80's tradition. If you dig the power of units like TOTALITÄR this is totally recommended. - DISHONORABLE RECORDS

Knuste Ruter - Var Det Bare En Logn 7" 4,00€
This is one amazing ep. Classic 80s sounds Norwegian hardcore in the vein of Stengte Dører, Kafka Process and So Much Hate. You need it. - SJAKK MATT PLATER

Burial - Speed At Night 12" 10,00€
The return of Germany's BURIAL with 6 new tracks are burning style hardcore punk. Taking cues from Japan's DEATHSIDE and CRUDE with unrelenting hardcore mixed with a good dose of high velocity metal riffing. - DERANGED RECORDS

The Austrasian Goat - Witch 7" 4,00€
2 new songs by the Goat, a one-man blackened doom project from France. I've been wanting to work with him for a long time... ever since i first heard his music. I'm happy to announce that these songs were DEFINITELY worth the wait. Unlike all previous recorded works, this release features the addition of a cello... a nice addition to an already rich, full sound. Lyrically, the themes revolve around the occult & breaking free of the tyrannical grip of religion (the A-side, "Celebration") & feminism (on the B-side, appropriately entitled "Amenorrhea"). This 7" has been issued in an edition of 500 hand-numbered copies, all housed in glossy, thick sleeves with thicker-than-average plastic outer sleeves... on orange vinyl & come with a button. - NOXIOUS NOISE RECORDS

Thou / Black September - Split 7" 4,00€
This split is not only a split between two great bands from two very different parts of the US, it's an astonishing showing of power by two very young bands. Black September, Chicago, IL, offer “Under The Rising,” a diverse 6 minutes of death metal/thrash with touches of dooming riffage. THOU, Baton Rouge, LA, unveil one of their most politically charged and crushingly heavy sludge tunes thus far, “Smoke Pigs.” Complete with the sample excluded from the first pressing. The first time I heard the split I was blown away by the vitality and passion put into both songs. “Smoke Pigs” and “Under the Rising” really compliment each other despite the fact that they're sonically very different.- Ltd to 1000 copies on clear red vinyl - Each copy includes a free download of the entire split - Includes the "Talk to Cops" poster coinciding with the Smoke Pigs song, originally excluded from the first pressing. - GILEAD MEDIA

Thou / Haarp - Split 7" 4,00€
Two outstanding New Orleans bands face of on this epic split 7". THOU present their track "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos," which is one of their much slower/sludgier songs, but contains what may be one of my favorite riffs they've written. HAARP bring us some intense sludgy metal. I hadn't heard much of them before, but great songs, indeed. If you're a fan of THOU then you're likely to enjoy HAARP. They are different, but great sludge riffage is common to both bands. - MIRROR UNIVERSE

Herätys - s/t 12" 10,00€
From Malmö and Uppsala we get a brand-new Tottis punk squad that will rip the shit out of all the ones in to the old way of Finnish and Swedish hardcore punk. About the best of what ever could be mixed today if you say raw and rough Hardcore Punk, TOTALITÄR is definitely a big influence here but you get more than that for sure! All sung in Finnish and made in the traditional way of fin/scandi way! Comes with English translations as well. Highly Recommended! - NOT ENOUGH RECORDS

Get Destroyed - Burnt Offerings 7" 4,00€
From the burning void of desert known as Phoenix, AZ, Get Destroyed air their frustrations on this 7'', summoning the ghosts of "Powerviolence" past: NEANDERTHAL; CROSSED OUT and NO COMMENT. - VULGAR RECORDS

Short, Fast & Loud #08 4,00€
Winter 2002 - Interviews with Shank (Scotland), Stack (Germany), Iron Lung (USA), Cripple Bastards (Italy), Lana Dagales (USA), Christine Boarts/Slug & Lettuce zine and all the regular columns, reviews, gimme five,etc.

Short, Fast & Loud #09 4,00€

Short, Fast & Loud #10 4,00€
This time jam-packed w/ interviews from Brody's Militia, Betercore, Intense Youth. "Where Are They Now" feature with Sairaat Mielet + Italian hardcore History Pt.1 w/ Declino, Indigesti, and Negazione!!




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Beitrag Re: HARDWARE RECORDS Distro News
von NukeThePeace am Mittwoch, 03.März 2010 10:53

Riistetyt - HC Revival 1982-1983 LP 10,00€
34 punk-smashers out of the early days from this legendary Finnish HC-outfit! Recorded BEFORE the 1st album "Valtion vankina" in a much more punky sound! The great CD on PROPAGANDA RECORDS for the first time on vinyl! - HÖHNIE RECORDS

Hygiene - Town Centre 7" 4,00€
Following on from the acclaimed (and ridiculously limited) 'tv girl' ep, London's HYGIENE return with 3 more tracks. From the monotony of completing papers, to the violence of the town centre after pubs kicking out, this 7" paints a picture of London life to the sounds of what could be an undiscovered messthetics compilation track in the making, while still unmistakably 100% punk. On STATIC SHOCK RECORDS and limited to just 320 copies.

Sotatila - Vituiks Meni 7" 4,00€
This continues where the debut E.P. left us. Fast raw and furious '82 styled Finnish hardcore punk like MELLAKKA, KAAOS. My bet is they won't last quick or be dead! - PLAGUE BEARER / KÄMÄSET LEVYT

Schizophasia - s/t 7" 4,00€
After recording five demos, this is the first vinyl output from Canadian noisemakers SCHIZOPHASIA. Nine tracks of demented apocalyptic noise punk like DISORDER by way of CCONFUSE mixed with proper ear splitting NOISE. 500 copies made. - SMRT RECORDS

Noncens - 6-låtars 7" 4,00€
Repress of a rare original that was released by the band in 1983. Classic Swedish hardcore/punk from the city of Helsingborg, you may know them from the "Varning för punk"-compilation. 700 copies made of which 200 is on white vinyl and inverted colors on the front cover, and 500 are regular black vinyl with the original cover design. - SMRT RECORDS

Trojne - Who gives a fuck anyway? 7" 4,00€
It may not be the lost KBD bonzer you've been hoping for, but this reissue is still a solid example of mid-80s Swedish hardcore punk. Trojne keep it fast and furious for the three tracks on the A-side, keeping time with two-step beats and gruff shouts på Svenska. It's not quite the reckless abandon expressed by some of their beloved peers, but that's not necessarily a mark against them. I like it both ways. As for the flip, I detect a few metal crossover influences creeping in on both "Cell 37" and "Bakom galler", but the bulk of the material always remains raw and ripping even when they drift away from banging out pure power-chords. Hardly essential though that's hardly the point -- this is still a fun piece of history I'm glad to have in my collection and I'm sure everyone involved is just as stoked it's available again for new folks to discover. - SMRT RECORDS

D.S.B. / Assassinators - Split 7" 4,00€
2 new amazing songs by copenhagens THE ASSASSINATORS. a bit more iron maiden meets bad religion as their older releases ( now they team up on this split EP with one of my favourite japanese bands. D.S.B. are play radical japanese hardcore punk!. D.S.B. channel their anger and disappointment into this very aggressive release. There is a more harmonized vocal approach on this release, which is a departure from their shouted deliveries on past releases. Not to worry you diehards, these harmonies will stick to your ribs! - ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA

V.A. - Welcome to the Golden State Vol. I 7" 4,00€
ALL EXCLUSIVE tunes to the comp and the band lineup is pretty sweet: VIDEO DISEASE, THE TIMEBOMBS, BROKEN NEEDLE, ECOLI (3 songs), CRITICAL PICNIC, CRAWLSPACE, FUNERAL SHOCK, SOCIAL SICKNESS and VALOIDS! A great comp of all California bands and the 1st of a 3 part series we're planning on in some way, shape or form. One time press so get at it! - COWABUNGA RECORDS

V.A. - Welcome to the Golden State Vol. II 7" 4,00€
Newest from the series, volume 2 is a longer record and fewer bands but the sound is also a lot more all over the place here. Again all songs are exclusive to this compilation. Quirky weird hardcore from MIGRANE(!) and DRY ROT, east coast flavored hardcore punk from CRUCIAL CAUSE, abrasive hardcore from WACO FUCK, nice catchy but hit and run hardcore punk from the BLACK TRIANGELS and a melodic skate punk tune from the beach's IMPOSTERS. - COWABUNGA RECORDS

Dark Ages - Vicious Lie 7" 4,00€
Finally, one of the ....US....'s most underrated hardcore bands grace us with their debut proper EP (their previous 7" was just their demo pressed to vinyl). God, words can't explain how much I love this band... they have that sort of dark sense of melody that you get from old midwest bands like MECHT MENSCH or early HÜSKER DÜ, but what really makes this stand out is the creative guitar playing, which definitely has more than a small ring of early DIE KREUZEN in it. Seriously, this is one of my favorite hardcore records of 2009... get it, I promise you won't be disappointed! - COWABUNGA RECORDS

School Jerks - 2nd 7" 4,00€
2nd EP from this great new Toronto band featuring former members of TERMINAL STATE, and it rips just as hard as their first. This is straightforward, snotty-as-fuck, fast-but-not-too-fast 80s-style punk that'll have fans of the ANGRY SAMOANS, early THE FREEZE, and similar snot-fueled hardcore like AMDI PETERSENS ARMÉ creaming their jeans. Totally ripping! - COWABUNGA RECORDS




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Beitrag Re: HARDWARE RECORDS Distro News
von NukeThePeace am Donnerstag, 01.April 2010 20:51

Lotus Fucker - s/t LP 10,00€
"Debut 12" from this Japanese-inspired band from Washington, DC. While these guys are clearly inspired by the noise-not-music approach of bands like GAI and CONFUSE, there's a lot more than your typical "myspace crust" going on here... what particularly stands out are some blazing, Death Side-esque guitar leads. The result is a really fascinating combination of contemporary and classic Japanese hardcore styles. Fucker killer LP... mark my words, people will be talking about this band very soon." - SELF-RELEASED / RSR

Idle Hands - Postponed LP orange vinyl 11,00€
Idle Hands - Postponed LP black vinyl 10,00€
Here's more punchy, tightly wound bullets of punk and power-pop goodness from everyone darlings IDLE HANDS. You can’t go wrong with the IDLE HANDS they are brilliant! On "postponed" they’ve toned down the speed a bit and you get some pure genious songs. IDLE HANDS have honed their pop sensibilities and clearly found a sound of their own. If you are a fan of the THE WIPERS, BUZZCOCKS, THE ADAGIOS, THE OBSERVERS and MARKED MEN check this album's awesome! 2nd Press! Orange vinyl limited to 100 copies! - HARDWARE RECORDS

Napoleon Dynamite - Nur Flops 7" 4,00€
NAPOLEON DYNAMITE is a germam three-piece and they describe themself as the greatest partyband ever! "nur flops" is their 1st release on vinyl. You'll get 13 garage-thrash-punk-songs, full of fast and dirty punk with german lyrics. The freshness of DIE GOLDENEN ZITRONEN, the liveliness of THE HATEPINKS, together with the nasty stomp of DEAN DIRG and the thrashness of THE ITALIAN STALLION and you might get NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. Provocative discothrash meets garage-punk meets your mother! - SPASTIC FANTASTIC REC. / THAT LUX GOOD REC.

Liberty Madness / Derby Dolls - Split 7" 4,00€
Fantastic Split-Ep of two hot aspiring up-and-coming bands from Southern Germany! You can't really compare their different styles of music, but all the more they both know how to sweep your acoustic meatus! The DERBY DOLLS have catchy Powerpop-Punkrock up their sleeves, who comes up really fleet-footed, but never being on the make or desperately aiming for important sales volume. Bracing and without unneeded twirls! LIBERTY MADNESS on the other hand feature proper American hardcore in the oldschool way like the BAD BRAINS or the culpable underrated SCREAM from Washington DC mixed with germans DEAN DIRG - four cheeky brats playing superstraight racy punkrock you won't get around in the future! Comes up with each two tracks in a popping artwork via THAT LUX GOOD RECORDS.

The Soviet Nuns / F.U.G. - Split LP 10,00€
The SOVIET NUNS and F.U.G, both from Palermo, Italy did an awesome job, recording some fine, fine 80-hardcore-punk-tunes. The F.U.G. come up with 8 catchy singalong songs in their well-known manner, simple punk-tunes, simple verse-chorus-verse-styled punkrawk without frills and experiments and it's no big surprise that we find the ADOLESCENTS cover 'Word Attack' on this side of the record!!! The SOVIET NUNS are way harder and way more aggressiv than the colleagues of the F.U.G.. The nuns really remind me of bands like BLACK SS or TEAR IT UP, raw and dirty, a really pissed off and angry voice, I love it. This is hardcore-punk the way it should be. - RISING RIOT RECORDS

Affenmesserkampf - Seine Freunde kann man nicht aussuchen LP 10,00€

Parasite - Sin 7" 5,00€
Metal Punk from Aichi / Japan influenced by GISM, RANDY UCHIDA GROUP, L.S.D. and later ANTI-CIMEX. Recommended! Lim. 500! One copy per order only! - TADPOLE REC.

Dramamine - s/t LP 10,00€
DRAMAMINE is a new band from Münster/Germany which featuring members of PRESS GANG, IDLE HANDS. DRAMANINE is loud, noisy, with a certain pop-affinity, minimalistic, but in the very next second pretentious, doomy and oozing with pathos. A heavy, deep bass; guitars, which you will find hard to classify; a krauty drumming - all this put together with resentful, hectic vocals, which will finally leave you asking for more. DRAMAMINE doesn't sound like an intersection of PRESS GANG or IDLE HANDS, etc.. It's 2010, and you might think that the creative reservoir of noisy and drugged guitar music has been exhausted for a long time now: DRAMAMINE prove you wrong! LPs come with digital MP3 download coupon. - SABOTAGE REC.

The Estranged - Static Thoughts LP 10,00€
Portland three-piece with a heavy background in the local HC/Crust scenes (members have been/are in bands like HELLSHOCK, WARCRY, FROM ASHES RISE and lots more). Icy, ominous post punk ala WIPERS, MISSION OF BURMA, WARSAW-era JOY DIVISION etc. LPs come with digital download coupon. " - SABOTAGE REC.

Secret Prostitutes - Mati Di Moskow 7" 4,00€
This is the 2nd release for these gropers from Houston, Texas. This is true dirty music! They would fit perfectly into the early Houston punk scene of bands looking for a place to play. The beat and Indonesian lyrics will cause you to tap your boot, shake your ass, and scratch your head while you’re banging it. But it will always make you smile. There is even a cover of San Fran’s NUBS on the record. Maybe the only English language tune these dukes have in them. Damn well worth grabbing onto! - P.TRASH REC.

Steve Adamik - Speed It Up 7" + Corporate Rock Knockout #0 Zine 8,00€
Canadian Punkrock-workaholic Steve Adamyk is back with a bang! Besides of playing in tons of other bands (e.g. SEDATIVES, MILLION DOLLAR MARXISTS, URANIUM COMEBACK, TOKEN, HANDICAP 5 and many more) he started a band under his own name, to worship classic 70/80's power pop and punk, as well as a lot of new garage music. Assisted by his brothers in crime Dave (SEDATIVES, LAST COMMUNION and more) and Davey (MOTHER'S CHILDREN and more) they recorded a debut-EP, that kinda defines the simple magic formula for a hit-single: One hit on the A-Side + another hit on the B-side = hit-single!!! Just listen to the songs "Speed it up" and "20/20" and get beamed into the summersun at Rockaway Beach. Fantastic music for the bastard-sons of the RAMONES and BEACH BOYS and lovers of CUTE LEPERS, EXPLODING HEARTS etc...!

The 7" come with Corporate Rock Knockout No. 0 Zine! Tired of fashionable hipster-wannabe-fanzines? Tired of zines packed with 10% cool bands and 90% shoppingmall-crap?! Tired of "free" pay-to-play CD-Comps packed to the max with shitty music?! Tired of boring internet-music-blogs and e-zines? O-keeh kiddos, here's the real deal: A DIY-Fanzine for Punkrock, Garage, KBD, early-HC, Powerpop and everything that's great! Made by fans for fans! 72 pages, neatly printed with a nice full-color comic-artwork. And here's what you get - interviews and articles with: NEW BOMB TURKS, NOBUNNY, SEDATIVES, GHETTO WAYS, STEVE ADAMYK, Tina Luchessi (TINA & THE TOTAL BABES), THE BLACK & WHITES, Douchemaster Records, WAU Y LOS ARRRGHS!!!, LOVE BOAT, BATMAN & ROBIN, SOMETHING FIERCE, THE RETURNABLES, CHUCKAMUCK, BEACH PATROL, Dan Melchior, plus Tourdiarys (Tour fall 2009 SEDATIVES/IDLE HANDS, PricklyPeaBowls Festival 2009, The Gimp vs. NOLA, European Tourfood Guide), Reviews and lots of other blah blah... Language: English (plus a little bit German)

City Sweethearts - Sleeping Through Modern Times LP 10,00€
You won't catch no sleep with this record. It's the sound blaring from your car stereo when you hit the city for a wild night out, all revved up and ready to shake some action. A record smelling of sleazy bars, too much booze and cigarettes, lipstick stains and broken hearts. Toronto City Sweethearts Curtis Dixon of VICIOUS CYCLE and Vassil of the MARVELOUS DARLINGS and ex-HEARTATTACKS keep you awake with the fast and rolling rockers "Wrong directions" and ''Hot ten''. They make you bring out the air guitar and shout along to the sticky chorus of ''Guys with guitars'', buy you a drink in the howling blues ''Just one night'', make you go hip-shaking crazy in the lascivious NEW YORK DOLLS/JOHNNY THUNDERS styled ''Trouble tonight'', ''New girl in town'', ''Little rocker'' and the perfect ''Cry all night'' and let the monkey on your back dance the cha-cha with the wilder stomper ''War in my head''. All perfectly fixed up by Mr. Ben Cook in a dry and sleaze-o-phonic 70-sound that make you LOVER! and CHEAP TIME fans out there forget the modern world around!

Strange Attractor / Red Mass - Split 10" 10,00€
A record that has more colors than a Disney movie on LSD and is crazier than the whole Muppet Show running out of Ritalin. Yes, Ladies and Gents, it's the P. Trash premiere of the nice and handy 10inch format with a bunch of manic and fabulous tunes on either side. Starting with STRANGE ATTRACTOR (spinning on 45 rpm) you get some short and snotty blasts of melodic Punk songs by Jeff, drummer of the STATUES. He makes more noise with his warehouse guitar than an entire Bluespunk orchestra and recorded this tasty collection in his basement all by himself with a little help from Ian of the SEDATIVES on Vox organ. His version of Germany's first Punk band BIG BALLS AND THE GREAT WHITE IDIOT ''Kick her in the dirt'' will kick you in the balls, no matter how big or dirty! More sonic madness awaits with RED MASS on the 33 rpm side. It's Choyce from CPC GANGBANGS and LES SEXAREENOS beating this meat and his cheap guitar in ''Stains'', doing a handclapping good job in a run-down version of NERVOUS EATERS' ''You've heard this chords before'' before closing with the bebopping ''Charlie Brown'', bringing out the Muppets again. - P.TRASH REC.

Defect Defect - s/t 12" 10,00€
Fighting their way out of the basement comes Portland’s DEFECT DEFECT with their best record to date! After two quality Eps and constant touring, Defect Defect hit it just perfect with their catchy-as-hell melodic punk style that hits hard with Colin’s spastic and blunt vocal style with Adam’s excellent song writing. Tracks like Stolen Ground and Post Apocalypse are perfect bookends of this argent and essential LP. Featuring ex and current members of the Observers, Autistic Youth, the Minds, Clorox Girls and the excellent Arctic Flowers this record will stick out over the pile of vinyl coming out in 2010. Do not miss out on this exciting band! - TAKEN BY SURPRISE REC.

Nails - s/t 7" 4,00€
Not to be confused with the NAILS band from overseas with members of TERROR and whatnot. The first German band to be released on TAKEN BY SURPRISE RECORDS is from Berlin and has the voice of BOMBENALARM, the drums of MÖNSTER, the guitar wolf of MIGRA VIOLENTA and Mr Arndt on the great big ukulele. Driving hardcorepunk in a very classic way with great conscious lyrics. LA FAMILIA REC. / TAKEN BY SURPRISE REC.

The Ladies - Trashed 7" 4,00€
Brand new and the 3RD EP from these Fist City neer' do wells. 1 song on the A side, 2 on the flip. Between the 2 EP's they recorded this year this one was the catchier of the 2 7''es as the 'Hole Sailor' record (on Black Lung and No Way) opted for a more bash and crash faster punk sound like the DWARVES, BULEMICS and ZEKE and this record focused more on the band making more rousing catchy punk tunes. Still in the vein of the tunes the band has done to date however so its not like the band is going pop which they most certainly aren't its just got this DICTATORS, DEAD BOYS sort of catchy vibe to it, also comparable to the BRUTAL KNIGHTS. One of the label's joint favorite bands without a doubt - COWABUNGA RECORDS

Video Disease - Make Me Pure 7" 4,00€
2nd EP from this now defunct act from Orange County. This picks up where they left off with the debut EP on SQUARE WAVE RECORDS from late 2008, this one is more of that great raging and noisy hardcore punk that seldom lets down the speed. Branden's lyrics deal with anger and frustrations the same things we all can relate to everyday. This hellish EP is 4 more tunes of great hardcore punk with beefy chords and solid drumming, you can't go wrong with this if you like your stuff noisy and pissed. Comparisons are dumb, its just noisy loud hardcore punk. Members of bands you don't care about because there is no hype. - COWABUNGA RECORDS

V.A. - The South Will Rise Again 7" 4,00€
Cowabunga Records brings together some of the best and most underappreciated hardcore punk bands from the Southern US on this comp. 7" including CULT RITUAL, BOMBER, HIGH LIFE, LOGIC PROBLEM , SOCIALCIDE, REASON OF INSANITY, THE P.M.R.C., ARCHAIC and HRT. Lim. 500. - COWABUNGA RECORDS

Critical Picnic - 2nd 7" 4,00€
This is the 2nd and last Critical Picnic EP, these guys from So Cal played a very mean spirited yet funny brand of hardcore punk. Live they were a treat and I mean that as a compliment, always entertaining and funny guys. Musically they make reminders of Vile, F, Fartz and other loud and sloppy hardcore punk bands. For those who might have forgotten, they were on the Sick of Fun comp EP. The EP was recorded better than the 1st one but its def raw and trashy still which was part of the 'charm' of the band. - COWABUNGA RECORDS




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Beitrag Re: HARDWARE RECORDS Distro News
von NukeThePeace am Dienstag, 20.April 2010 15:29

Critical Picnic - 2nd 7" 4,00€
This is the 2nd and last Critical Picnic EP, these guys from So Cal played a very mean spirited yet funny brand of hardcore punk. Live they were a treat and I mean that as a compliment, always entertaining and funny guys. Musically they make reminders of Vile, F, Fartz and other loud and sloppy hardcore punk bands. For those who might have forgotten, they were on the Sick of Fun comp EP. The EP was recorded better than the 1st one but its def raw and trashy still which was part of the 'charm' of the band. - COWABUNGA RECORDS

The Omnipresent Disease - Dressed Like You 10" 8,00€
Unlasting the four punks of The Omnipresent Disease are releasing their first real debut output in these days. We had the great demo and the admirable split-7" with Alarmstufe Gerd and now The OPD is back with a bunch of songs and what should I say... I really expected a real good hc-punk record, but the Dressed Like You 10" exceeds all my expectations by far. And I'm really happy for the four OPD-guys to release such a pissed and mangy record. Dressed Like You is a dirty and disowned cur, seeking for hideous revenge, ahungered, cornered but ready for anything. I don't want to overpraise something, but it's my very personal opinion, that The OPD belongs to the precious few hc-punk-bands, that typify what punk really means to me. - SPASTIC FANTASTIC RECORDS

Nihil Baxter - s/t 7" 4,00€
After their first impressive demotape out of the year 2008, Nihil Baxter is ready to accelerate with 10 new thrashpunk killersongs on wonderful black and pink vinyl! Some of you might see some anologys to SURF NAZIS MUST DIE and indeed it's a smiliar direction, even fans of DRI or TEAR IT UP will have a nice time with this single. For me, it is going to be an upcoming classic in german punk history. - SPASTIC FANTASTIC RECORDS / CRAPOULET RECORDS

Warning / Warning - My World 7" 4,00€
"再入荷! フランス産ノイズコア・ニューカマー"WARNING//WARNING"の'10年作デビューシングル!!日本在住のフランス人MOMOのレーベル FLOWER OF CARNAGEと、フランスのKICK ROCKの共同リリース!!同国のSTATE POISONとも親交ある彼ら!STATE POISON同様、九州ノイズコアへの趣向を、というか、どっぷり漬かったサウンド!SWANKYS、GAI、CONFUSEな九州ノイズコア直系の DISTORTION NOISEギターによるキャッチーな要素も入れたひたすらやかましい崩壊寸前ノイズコアサウンドにこれまたやかましくわめきたてるリヴァーヴがかったヴォーカル!ほとんど英語で唄ってますが、記載の歌詞に日本語も混じってるのでよく聴いてみると、しっかり日本語で唄ってる部分もありました!全6曲!曲解説(英語・日本語)も記載のインナー入り!見開きジャケット仕様!九州ノイズコア、WANKYS~新旧ノイズコアファンは要チェック!限定500枚!!" 500 copies. - KICK ROCK RECORDS / FLOWER OF CARNAGE RECORDS

State Poison - s/t 7" 4,00€
再入荷! 再プレスされました!フレンチ・ハードコア・ニューカマー"STATE POISON"のデビューシングルが自主リリースにて登場!!「GAI meets GAUZE」という触れ込みで入荷した本作ですが、針を落とすと、なるほど~、確かにGAUZEが九州ノイズコアに出会ったかのよう…と思わず納得!怒涛の如くダーティー&ノイジーにたたみ掛けるRAGING SPEED THRASH'N DISTORT NOISE HARD COREサウンド!!そしてフランス語なのに日本語のようにシャウトするヴォーカル、特に2曲目の出だしなんかニヤリとしてしまいます!!要チェック!!インナー入り! 300 copies. - SELF RELEASED

Vengeance - The Message Is Fuck You 7" 4,00€
Side-project of Nurembergs HIGH SOCIETY. Late 80's NYHC-influenced Hardcore with a twist of Punk. 300 copies. - SEARCH FOR FAME RECORDS

Guilt Trip - Outrageous Claims LP 8,00€
New Jersey’s own GUILT TRIP return with their first full length LP. The record kicks off on A-Side with “Don’t Look Down” and after you hear the needle drop on the first side you don’t want it to stop. The songs flow and rage back to back seamlessly as if the whole record was one huge tidal wave of sound. This record has something for everyone, whether your into cutting solos, racing tempo changes or brutal hard edged vocals. Either way, by the end of it, you’ll feel like you had a twister rip through your brain. From the artwork to the wax, this record is a must have for anyone who likes good hardcore punk. Slightly bent corners nothing serious but discounted. - ABSENT RECORDS

Total Wreck - s/t 7" 4,00€
Finally, the much anticipated follow up to the 2009 demo from these Charlottesville, VA natives. They bring hardcore punk back to where it should be. Fast, aggressive, and in your face. This is some real knock-your-teeth-out type stuff here. Ear ripping riffs with grilling vocals and head pounding drums bring this record together to make it come alive! Six tracks of spiral grooves capture the bands live intensity and blow it out of your speakers, a lot like like sticking your hand into a wood chipper! This is not the record to miss out on! 500 Pressed. - ABSCENT RECORDS

Slobs - s/t 7" 4,00€
Fuckin' ϟLOBϟ did it! High octane old-school ripping Hardcore Punk from a OMEGAS-side project out of Canda. This is their demo pressed on vinyl. Highly recommended for fans of CAREER SUICIDE and other nose pickers! 500 copies.- MACHETTE RECORDS




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von NukeThePeace am Mittwoch, 03.November 2010 18:29

Red Dons - Fake Meets Failure LP 10,00€
RED DONS' second full-length combines TSOL-like vocals, So Cal surf-punk guitars, the defiant melancholy of Pacific Northwesterners like the WIPERS and eerie Middle-Eastern overtones, with members that did time in heralded Portland, OR punk band THE OBSERVERS. Very sweet silkscreened cover on top! - TAKEN BY SURPRISE

Vogue - Pompshit Shirt Size Medium 10,00€
Limited run on Fruit Of The Loom Heavy Cotton. Two sided. Back is Hardware Records logo. 50 made.

Autistic Youth - Idle Minds LP 10,00€
Long awaited 2nd album from hardworking PDX youngsters, following up "Landmine Beach" LP, as well as singles. Driving, melodic punk/hardcore (but NOT “melodic hardcore” if ya get the distinction) with dark, swirling undercurrents. Catchy but not at all vapid. Sounding like a cross between Portland, Southern California, and Copenhagen, you could compare this to bands like THE OBSERVERS, NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS, REAGAN YOUTH or ADOLESCENTS - TAKEN BY SURPRISE REC. / SABOTAGE REC.

Estranged - Subliminal Man LP 10,00€
Past and present members of Portland hardcore mainstays pull a 180 and dish out 10 tracks of icy, ominous post-punk. Since their last release, THE ESTRANGED have dialed back the explicit aggression of their early 7"s a bit, and dialed up the textured, atmospheric, layered sounds of prime '80s death-rock and post-punk. "the subliminal man" was painstakingly, impeccably recorded and features 8 new ones, a re-recording of "statue in a room" and a rather stunning cover of THE FLYS' 1978 classic "love and a molotov cocktail". Vinyl version includes MP3 download code. - SABOTAGE RECORDS

Union Town - Blinding Lights 7" 4,00€
The "Blinding Lights" EP contains three new Union Town songs that capture the band’s shape anno 2010. The songs were written in the course of a year and were tested on the crowd in different variations during live shows. Raw takes and jams were carefully reshaped and re-recorded in cooperation with Mark van der Male, a friend of the band. Enriched with the artwork of Mara Piccione, who also worked on Union Town’s debut album. - SABOTAGE RECORDS

Idle Hands - Volatile Matters 7" 4,00€
Limited repress with red/orange silkscreen sleeves!!! After one hell of a debut 7" and a supercool full length, Münster/Osnabrück's new achievers IDLE HANDS don't hang in and present a brandnew 4 song e.p., wrapped in a fancy screenprint-cover! We are really thrilled of these loons and never met anybody into WIPERS, JAWBREAKER, STATUES, HÜSKER DÜ or the likes who wasn't! - ROCKSTAR RECORDS

Idle Hands - Postponed LP silkscreened cover 12,00€
Here's more punchy, tightly wound bullets of punk and power-pop goodness from everyone darlings IDLE HANDS. You can't go wrong with the IDLE HANDS they are brilliant! On "postponed" they've toned down the speed a bit and you get some pure genious songs. IDLE HANDS have honed their pop sensibilities and clearly found a sound of their own. If you are a fan of the THE WIPERS, BUZZCOCKS, THE ADAGIOS, THE OBSERVERS and MARKED MEN check this album's awesome! 2nd Press! Different silkscreened cover, some orange vinyl limited to 68 copies!!! - HARDWARE RECORDS

Vogue - Pompshit 12" black vinyl 10,00€
Vogue - Pompshit 12" white vinyl 11,00€
Plenty of folks who grew up with hardcore have since moved onto its noisier or artier or less-traditional cousins. VOGUE's "Pompshit" is sourced in the early 1980's loose-booty Hardcore-Punk with some hints into the tightly wound treble-spray of early '90s noise-rock. It's an ugly sound - sometimes frenzied and sometimes totally entropic. Unlike so much music in 2010, VOGUE doesn't want to inflate your sense of euphoria. The songs on the record are what you can expect from VOGUE - harsh, raw, unexpected tempo juggling. They want to stub out enthusiasm like a cigarette on a forehead. This album is diverse, but VOGUE ain't no dilettantes. If you like their former stuff you'll love these tracks! 600 copies. 300 black vinyl, 200 on white, 100 w/ silkscreened cover and white vinyl. - HARDWARE RECORDS

Vogue - Dickfaced 12" 10,00€
After two demos and two sold-out 7”s, this is their first full-length LP. If you like their previous stuff, you will definitly love this one. The songs on the record are what you can expect from VOGUE but more. Harsher, harder, rawer, unexpected tempo juggling, psychedelic shit ... Discontent in its purest form. It’s hard to make comparisons with other bands as there are so many sides to the record. If you are into PISSED JEANS, SSD, BRUTAL KNIGHTS, ANNIHILATION TIME or DEAD STOP, have a grip on this one. LAST COPIES!! - HOLY SHIT RECORD

The Now-Denial - Fuck Your Boredom 7" orange vinyl 4,00€
The Now-Denial - Fuck Your Boredom 7" mint green vinyl 5,00€
After a decade of destructive existence THE NOW-DENIAL sadly decided to break up. This legacy of a record documents the last three songs ever recorded. One is "Fuck Your Boredom" which might be familiar from their video shot in 2009. Side B contains of the bestial, hard rockin' "Field Kitchen" followed by an unrelenting heavy interpretation of a pretty influential unit from North Eastern U.S.A.! All 600 copies have hand-screened covers. 500 have gold ink on black paper and orange vinyl, 100 on silver in on black paper including mint-green colored wax. - HARDWARE RECORDS

Urban Blight - Total War 7" 4,00€
Following on from last years 'More Reality' 12" ep on Slasher Records, Toronto's Urban Blight are back with five new tracks of blown out hardcore punk. These new tracks, while still mining the Abused / SSD sound, also bring forth the Discharge and The Insane influence even more. This is hardcore as it's meant to be. The 7" comes housed in a 6 panel poster sleeve, to go up next to all of the Crass and UK82 ones on your wall. - STATIC SHOCK RECORDS

Alpinist - Lichtlaerm LP 10,00€
After their demo, split with FINISTERE and 1st full-length ALPINIST found the right formula again. The music is pummeling and dark while falling in the crust genre. Screamed vocals power forward through the speakers as the charging guitars cut through. Amazing drumming that is far from generic. "lichtlaerm" is crushing yet beautiful - heavy and atmospheric crust- and post-hardcore, bringing to mind the likes of FROM ASHES RISE, FALL OF EFRAFA, early ENFY etc.. They’re definitely an apocalyptic journey of sound. - PHOBIACT REC. / VENDETTA REC.

Protestant - Judgements LP 10,00€
"Judgements" deliver once more 9 songs of fast, bitter midwestern hardcore. After a slew of releases over the last years, this is PROTESTANT throwing down the gauntlet and cutting the shit. Passionate sound influenced by bands like CATHARSIS, KYLESA, FROM ASHES RISE or RORSCHACH but still unique. - VENDETTA REC. / HALO OF FLIES REC.

Wasted Time - Futility LP 10,00€
New record from VA's own WASTED TIME! The LP version contains blistering tracks of violent raging fast and furious early '80s influenced hardcore, quite reminiscent of early POISON IDEA with a hint of boston hardcore influence ala NEGATIVE FX or SSD. You know exactly what to expect...a nonstop fast and ugly hardcore mayhem. Nice thick babyblue 180gr vinyl! LA FAMILIA REC.

Skitkids - Besöket vid krubban 12" 10,00€
Raw and brutal hardcore-punk with loads of great rock 'n' roll guitar leads a hell of a drumming a thundering bass and a insanely and angry vocalist on top of all. Lyric wise you get a totally pissed writing in a sociopolitical way, against multicoporations, fucked rock stars behaviours within the punk scene etc.. SKITKIDS deliever the most intense and powerful recordings so far, a great packaging with hilarious great artwork. You like scandinavian hardcore, crust-punk and AC/DC - you need this! - HATE RECORDS

Kylesa - Static Tensions LP 10,00€
Now available as european pressing. On their 4th full-length, Savannah's KYLESA continue to bombard the senses with another 10 tracks of heavy, sludgy hardcore with intense, pounding drums and the occasional melodies, running a gamut from blackened death-metal on "said and done" to the piano-laced, Middle Eastern-tinged "running red". Artwork done once again by Baroness’ John Baizley. - LA FAMILIA REC.

Skitkids / Nightmare - Split 7" 4,00€
What a hell of a split release. Two great bands teamed up for their common Japan tour and brought together 4 devastating tracks to blow you away. SKITKIDS with their mix of scandinavian hardcore, crust-punk and AC/DC fueled sound and NIGHTMARE with a total assault. Lean back and enjoy this nice little bastard! - HATE RECORDS

Hellshock - Shadows Of The Afterworld LP 10,00€
This is the repress of the 2nd full-length album from Portlands HELLSHOCK. It contains 8 killer tracks of crust-hardcore that sounds as if it were right out of the late '80s UK crust explosion! Powerful and dark anthems for the crust kids. This release was originally planned to come out on Feral Ward, but got released by Black Water. If you already love DEVIATED INSTINCT, AXEGRINDER, CRUCIFIX and MOTÖRHEAD, then add HELLSHOCK to your list! This repress comes in a gatefold sleeve with modified artwork and got remastered. - LA FAMILIA / RUIN NATION REC.

Extreme Noise Terror - A Holocaust In Your Head LP 10,00€
Limited to 500 copies official re-release of the "Holocaust In Your Head" LP, which originaly came out in 1988 at "Head Erruption". It was re-recorded in 1991 and released at japanese label "Toys Factory". 1999 the LP based on the 1991 recordings was re-released by Distortion. On this re-release you get the original 1988 recordings remastered with a more raw and brutal sound. Includes the classics "Murder", "Bullshit Propaganda", "Another Nail In The Coffin", "Deceived"... actually the whole record is just a classic!!! - FAREWELL REC.

Extreme Noise Terror - Phonophobia LP 10,00€
Official repress! Remastered and with 2 unreleased trax!!!! A band whose name truly encapsulates their sound, Extreme Noise Terror formed in January 1985 and were signed by Manic Ears Records after their first ever gig. Their debut release was a split album with Chaos U.K., and although there were musical similarities, ENT, along with Napalm Death, were already in the process of twisting traditional punk influences into altogether different shapes. All the conventions of crust are played out on this release: simple, punky riffs, fast d-beat drumming, and shout/screeching vocals. The songs are short, the songs are simple, the songs are just fast, more distorted punk music when you get down to it. Limited edition of 1250 copies! - FAREWELL RECORDS

Boskops - Sol 12 LP 10,00€
Out of the ashes of the band BLITZKRIEG from Hannover, northern Germany, the Boskops were formed in 1982. The Boskops were one of the most important german bands, alongside other bands like BLUT & EISEN, TOXOPLASMA or SLIME! In 1983 FROSTSCHUTZ RECORDS released their first LP "Sol 12". The original line-up consisted of two guitarists (one male, one female), a bassplayer, a vocalist and a drummer. Due to the Boskops' two guitar players and a vocalist with a roaring strong voice, their first LP stands as a good stylistic example of what later become known as "Thrashpunk" - less instrumental proficiency but raw highspeed energy and sonic brutality. This is an officical re-press which comes with a 24-pages booklet and a huge poster. Classic! - FAREWELL REC. / BLUTPOGO REC.

Martyrdöd - Sekt LP 10,00€
Two years after "In Extremis" on Havoc Records Martyrdöd release their new Album named "Sekt". Stockholm's Martyrdöd hits you like a freight train at full speed. They've been described as a black metal-influenced version of WOLFBRIGADE and I can't think of a more accurate comparison. It's heavy and D-beat-driven yet retains a sense of dark/cold melodies. Total destruction! Political, social and personal thought are dealt with in the lyrics. 12 sonx of brutal metallic crust. The LP comes in a very nice gatefold and printed sleeve. - LA FAMILIA REC. / FAREWELL REC.

Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness LP 10,00€
Portland, Oregon's Poison Idea were never a subtile act. In fact, they resided at the furthest end of the opposite spectrum, fusing the pummeling rhythm section of heavy metal, with the crunching three-chord speed and fury of American hardcore, topped off with Jerry A.'s snarling, larger than life baritone, spitting out declamation after declamation against the world. That would be larger than life in more ways than just his Stentorian roar: Jerry, like guitarist Pig Champion, and for that matter, drummer Thee Slayer Hippy, are veritable giants, in height and girth. Reissued in 2004 by Farewell Records, Feel the Darkness is, simply stated, Poison Idea's most blistering moment in the sun, a steamrolling mass of furious speed and aggression, tempered with excellent drum and guitar work. - FAREWELL REC.

Slang - Immortal Sin LP 10,00€
SLANG's brutal last year new release. This fourth album is a full length assault of the same powerful SLANG sounds but infused with a mega dose of Discharge added to their Sapporo City Japacore mix. - PAIN OF MIND RECORDS

Kylesa / Victims - Split 7" 4,00€
What we have here is a killer intercontinental split 7" between two of the heaviest outfits on the planet: Georgia's Kylesa and Sweden's Victims. 1 Kylesa song on here, 2 Victims songs, just the way it should be. - LA FAMILIA REC.

Pollution - Nasty DNA 12" 10,00€
Originally released as a VERY limited edition cassette, the UK's Feast of Tentacles have blessed us all by pressing this bad boy to vinyl. New York City's Pollution have been getting a lot of internet hype lately and it's not hard to hear why... their music encompasses so many styles that have been popular over the past few years--AmRep-style noise rock, early 80s hardcore, crust punk, and even cult metal. However, this doesn't sound like some kind of mish-mash... it sounds like the members of Pollution are honestly unconscious of those boundaries and are just making heavily, complicated, and engaging music. An essential release... act now, because these won't stick around for long. - FEAST OF TENTACLES REC.

Thou / Mohoram Atta - Split LP 10,00€
This split contains 4 songs from Louisiana's doom/sludge outfit THOU, including their MINOR THREAT cover "screamin' at a wall". If you haven't heard their cover of this song, it rules. More crushing tuneage from the very prolific band. The other side of the record brings us California's MOHORAM ATTA. They deserve a great mix between fast, thrashy pissed off hardcore and sludging riffage. They sounds like a mixture of HIS HERO IS GONE, CURSED and a jint black-metal. Jam this record - reverse board covers and printed inner sleeve. - FEAST OF TENTACLES REC./HALO OF FLIES REC.

Moloch / Corpus Dei - Split 7" 4,00€
MOLOCH from the UK play awesome sludge ala EYEHATEGOD or GRIEF. CORPUS DEI are from Buffalo NY and play brutal hardcore in the vein of HIS HERO IS GONE played by members of THEY LIVE. - FEAST OF TENTACLES

Sniffing Glue - Suburban Suicide 7" 4,00€
Here is the 2nd vinyl release from SNIFFING GLUE. Yet again you'll get completely insane hardcore-punk in the best '80s reagan-era style. Incredible lyrics belted out over furious yet catchy songs really put this over the top. Cool trebly guitar attack with some fist-pumping tempos to satisfy all hardcore-heads. This item is limited to 300 copies only - just buy it already! - SEARCH FOR FAME RECORDS

Modern Pets - Deformed Kids Demo 7" 4,00€
The first demo pressed straight onto vinyl. Fast, catchy but dirty Power-Pop meets 77 Punk Rock inspired by THE BRIEFS. 333 copies. - SEARCH FOR FAME REC.

Nightfall - Fucking Noise Addicts 7" 4,00€
Japanese influenced D-BEAT/HARDCORE played by members of DISSYSTEMA and ANOTHER OPPRESSIVE SYSTEM. Mastered at Enormous Door by Jack of SEVERED HEAD OF STATE. 8 Tracks including DISASTERand SHITLICKERS covers. - FAKE VOMIT REC.

Electric Funeral - Demos LP 10,00€
Debut LP by WARVICTIMS member that just loves DISCLOSE. Both 2009 demo tapes compiled, expect 16 raging distorted songs close to GIFTGAS ATTACK. D-Beat Beater zine review:"And I thought the first tape was good. This is another 8 - tracks of 1 minute and something of pure distort D-beat. I feel the songs on this are a bit more catchier especially my favourite track 'Warface' great little sample intro for it. This is some brutal distort and played exactly perfect it is infectious noise that you cannot stop listening to. The lyrics hold up as good as the noise with songs about Consumerism, the training for the mentality of war, and how we are slaves to TV and the internet. This is some very solid stuff and I can see them becoming a strong element of distort D-Beat in the next few months with their releases beginning to start to line up. If you like Noise punk get this tape and their first and everything else they release." lim. 350 all on silkscreend covers. - SHOGUN RECORDS

Confines - Withdrawn 7" 5,00€
Hailing from Boston, MA and boasting members of bands like BRAIN KILLER, SOCIAL CIRCKLE, BLANK STARE, FAILURES and CUT THE SHIT, CONFINES play hardcore-punk along the lines of their other projects with some serious BLACK FLAG influence thrown in. - SIDE TWO RECORDS

Union Of Sleep - Death In The Place Of Rebirth LP 10,00€
After last year's self-titled debut, UNION OF SLEEP deliver their 2nd release "death in the place of rebirth". Yet again they dish out uncomplicated, riff-based songs and solos which are obviously rooted in rock, but they come with a doom-metal, sludge and even a hardcore edge. Ruder and more decisive, this record punches like a steam hammer! Besides the essential sludgy, heavy riffs and fucked up atmosphere, you will discover a lot of subliminal grooves, too. Be aware of eight beastly fuckers, raw and crude, from the lowest instincts of mankind. Comprehensive yet refined, the union of extreme influences, instinctual prowess and rugged beauty on "death in the place of rebirth" is nothing less than impressive. If you have any sort of neck, "death in the place of rebirth" will force movement out of your head - in an up and down motion. Tech-metal freaks and hipsters alike will pretend to hate it, but they'll be missing out one of the year's best albums. Imagine THE MELVINS committing fornication with NEUROSIS and you'll get a slight idea of what it's about. LP comes with 350gr thick inside-out cover, and inlay. - PER KORO RECORDS

Anger Burning - Warcharge 7" 4,00€
ANGER BURNING first catch our attention on the V/A Cracked Pop Skulls 7" last year. A crudely produced compilation EP of young Swedish bands whose unique diet seemed to be SHITLICKERS, CRUDITY and MODERAT LIKVIDATION. Somehow the same feeling is carried to this their debut EP. Six un-relentless tracks full of urgency, rage and desperation the way the early Swedish ands did, there is nothing modern on it. From the first note the intensity is set to 11 and 6 minutes 46 seconds later you are left with your mouth open wondering what was that just kicked you in the groin. It was ANGER BURNING. - LAVEUM

Kaivosurma - Porttiteoria 7" mint green vinyl 5,00€
Raw Finnish Hardcore think 3rd TERVEET KÄDET 7" meets KUOLEMA or SEKUNDA mixed with a slight US-HC twist. Six tracks on 45 rpm incl. a cover of S.O.A. 100 on mint green vinyl. - HARDWARE RECORDS / RIGHTEOUS FUCK RECORDS

Vaaska - s/t LP black vinyl 10,00€
Vaaska - s/t LP white vinyl 11,00€
This records was released for their ongoing tour. It contains their first 12" which was released in 2009 on 540 and TODO DESTRUIDO in 2009 and sold out in a matter of of weeks. Side B has their very new 12" "Ruido Hasta La Muerte" which just came out in the US on 540 RECORDS. Great Texas raw D-Beat Punk with a major 80's Spanish Hardcore twist, influenced by DISCHARGE, MG-15 and IV REICH! Everything is delivered with the absolute maximum amount of energy and impact making this one of the best Hardcore records in 2010! Includes a huge poster and a fancy lyric sheet. Lim. 600 - HARDWARE RECORDS

Double Negative - Daydreamnation LP 12,00
Three years and 2 aborted recording sessions later, North Carolina's almighty DOUBLE NEGATIVE finally deliver the follow-up to their legendary debut. While that record obliterated listeners with its sharp, precise hardcore attack, "daydreamnation" finds DOUBLE NEGATIVE incorporating the wide variety of influences one would expect from four guys who have all been playing in bands for 25+ years. Particularly if you've ever had your face ripped off by this band live, "daydreamnation" relentless wash of noise, speed, and energy will make it the DOUBLE NEGATIVE record you've always wanted. Comes in deluxe foil-stamped covers, and obi strip. Includes MP3 download code.

Mørkt Kapittel - s/t 7" 4,00€
Mørkt Kapittel is a hardcore punk band form Trondheim, Norway. 5 tracks of gloomy, crusting Hardcore Punk. - UNTERMENSCH REC.

Alltid Jaget - Hjelpeløs 7" 4,00€
Reissue of an classic Norwegian Hardcore record for fans of SO MUCH HATE AND KORT PROSESS. - NAKKESKUDD PLATER

Las Señoras - s/t 7" 4,00€
Imagine the CIRCLE JERKS playing a LOST SOUNDS song - but this is an all-girl band from Spain. The dueling female vocals are so incendiary, the music so snotty, catchier than the crabs. You will have to smash all the windows at your local police station and go skatethat new ditch the punks just dicovered in the dock yard in order to quell the itch. Your basement dance party requires this 45 or it'll expire. Does it get any better?? For this punk, it does not. Seriously - short, sharp and to the point. This record is not long enough, but maybe if it were any longer it would lose its power and frenzy. I have been watching this YouTube video of the Delinquents playing the last punk show at Raul's, some time in the early 80's. They play this song called something like "Food free food". Listening to Las Señoras gives me the same feeling, but maybe with a little added "Amoeba" by the ADOLESCENTS. This makes me want to start a band pronto, which is the purpose of DIY punk rock, right?? - SÓLO PARA PUNKS

Crimen De Estado / Sudor - Split LP 10,00€
At least available this split 12" by two of the best bands nowadays in the spanish punk scene. Both bands play anarchist hardcore punk strongly inspired by Discharge and early 80's italian hardcore. Awesome DIY artwork with silkscreened cover and center labels. Released by Crimen de Estado own label Mal Sonido Records. - MAL SONIDO RECORDS

V.A. - No Tomorrow LP 10,00€
An international D-beat/Råpunk 4 way LP with BESTHÖVEN (Bazil), WARVICTIMS (Sweden), KRÜEL (USA) and PEACE OR ANNIHILATION (Indonesia). Lim. 500 - CRUCIFICADOS RECORDS

Never Again / Mind Trap - Split 7" 4,00€
Furious hardcore, played fast and hard from both NEVER AGAIN (UK) and MIND TRAP (Austria). fast and aggressive straight edge violence by NEVER AGAIN with both mosh and blast! think of XFILESX, INFEST and the likes. MIND TRAP destroy with 5 raging powerviolence outbursts which are reminiscent of bands as NEANDERTHAL, MIND ERASER and INFEST. - CRUCIFICADOS RECORDS

Closure / Mouth / Torn Apart / Bonestorm - Split 2x7"
Finally, this UK powerviolence, fast hardcore comp 2x7" is out. Featuring Closure, Mouth, Torn Apart and Bonestorm. Essential stuff for fans of INFEST, CROSSED OUT or DROPDEAD. Fast, abrasive and in your face. Packaged in beautiful gatefold covers. - CRUCIFICADOS RECORDS

Suffering Mind - s/t LP 10,00€
Following up multiple Eps and splits, Poland's SUFFERING MIND drop their first full length of full-throttle, head crushing grindcore. Completely unrelenting blasting that only slows down for a few measures throughout the entire LP. If INSECT WARFARE and MAGRUDERGRIND got into a head-on collision. Limited to 500 so act fast. - CRUCIFICADOS RECORDS / 625 THRASH

Parlamentarisk Sodomi / Blodsprut - Split 7" 4,00€
10 new tracks from Norway's PARLAMENTARSIK SODOMI. A 5 minutes long nonstop blast which sets a new high standard in modern gindcore. you will scratch your eyeballs out when you hear this - some of the most unrelenting grindcore since INSECT WARFARE and the most radical crusty punked up grind heard in the last decade. BLODSPRUT is grindcore in its purest form. Norway's noise artists Anders Hana (MoHa! / Ultralyd / Noxagt) and Patrick Petterson recorded a sonic statement of drastic metalic radicalism, paying tribute to the days of old school grind, noisecore and mixing it up with some hysterical noise rock interludes. With just two percussion kits, vocals, distortion and noise they conjure complex rhythmic blasts, evil feedback tortures and interfuse them with demonic howls from the deepest pits of hell. - CRUCIFICADOS RECORDS

Deskonocidos - En La Escuridad LP 10,00€ (Also availale for wholesale!)
After two great singles, Texas' Deskonocidos offer up their debut long-player. While I loved the 7"s, I had a feeling that this band would really shine on 12", and that's definitely the case. Anyone who has seen these guys live knows they can play their asses off, and they exploit that versatility here by seamlessly weaving between dark post-punk, blistering hardcore and anthemic punk. This is one dense, melodic, and ultimately memorable beast... definitely one of the best 12"s of 2010... highly recommended! - TRABUC RECORDS

Hjerte Stop - Musik For Dekadente Ører 7" 4,00€
4 new songs from these rocknrollen danish maniacs, well driven as always hard punk rock in you face. 4 complete rockers. Hymns! Don't sleep on it! - KICK'N PUNCH RECORDS

The Sceptres - s/t 7" 4,00€
This is the 2nd 7" by this jagged, female-fronted post-punk band whose members are spread across the lower half of the UK. If you liked their 1st 7" you'll love this one as the band returns with more of the same intricate guitar work and smart and catchy female vox. This time, however, the songs get a little bit longer and darker; these 2 tracks are more dynamic and far more confident, the the band finding their own unique voice somewhere between the propulsive punk of the REZILLOS and the rhythms of post-punk bands like SWELL MAPS. - DIRE RECORDS

Sceptres / Facel Vega - Split 7" 4,00€
Two bands with Welsh connections team up on this split 7" courtesy of the fine folks at Dire Records. SCREPTRE give us one beefy track of their jittery post-punk… while their other releases have had a lot in common with more straightforward classic punk bands, their song here reminds me a lot of Public Image, Ltd; Bryony’s vocals even approach John Lydon’s howl on occasion. Killer and essential if you’re a fan of this band’s other great releases. As for FACEL VEGA, I’d be willing to bet they get this a lot, but they sound almost EXACTLY like RITES OF SPRING (though the singer doesn’t do Guy’s yelpy thing), which is a great thing in my book… the guitars are huge and hooky and the rhythms are propulsive without ever verging into first-wave-HC tempos. Great stuff from both bands. - DIRE RECORDS

The Love Triangle - Splendid Living 7" 4,00€
Debut single from this new UK band featuring 1/2 of the SHITTY LIMITS. If you dig the Limits you definitely need this as well, as it features Louis' distinctive songwriting and voice, but the songs are even catchier, the sing-songy vocals and bubbly bass recalling the greats of 60s garage rock. This isn't some wimpy retread, though, as these three songs are played hard and raw by 3 guys who know their way around the canon of early USHC. - DIRE RECORDS

Burial - Hungry Wolves 7" 4,00€
The latest from the powerhouse known as BURIAL. Bruising songs with angrily spat out vocals and a tandem of hardcore, crust and some metal—kind of a modern-day Japanese hardcore sound, if I had to pinpoint it. In any case, the rampaging qualities are in full effect and the cowbell for “Insanity” is a cool touch. - HEARTFRIST RECORDS

Ruidosa Immundicia - Huellas De Odio 7" 4,00€
After the brilliant "De Una Vez" 7" and their Split LP w/ SOLID DECLINE those Vienna based powerhouse returns with another 8 song EP recorded at legendary SAW studios of Frank Bolz. If you di LOS CRUDOS, LIMPWRIST and rapid Hardcore Thrash in general this is just for you! - HEARTFIRST RECORDS

Fejlfix - Langsom Død 7" 4,00€
Debut 7" from this new-ish band from Odense, Denmark that features members of the almighty UNDER AL KRITIK. If you like UAK this will definitely be up your alley, but Fejlfix is a little harder, tougher, and rougher around the edges... you'll hear the influence of early 80s USHC, but everything is a little noisier and meaner, recalling the most rugged Scandinavian HC like Raped Ass-era ANTI-CIMEX, HEADCLEANERS, and similarly fast, warped shit... maybe throw in a little Rudimentary Peni too. Awesome stuff and very limited, so don't sleep. - SPAGHETTI CASSETTI RECORDS




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